“My legs hurt!”

This is the statement many make before beginning the process to relieve their pain.  Sometimes, it’s obvious why we experience leg pain.  If an injury occurs or we begin a new workout program, it’s usually pretty clear what has caused that discomfort, and what we should do to resolve it.

If there’s not a direct reason and resolution for that pain, we’ll go about finding the answer in different ways.  We might ask our friends if they’ve experienced similar symptoms.  Some visit Primary Care Providers and look to their expertise.  Others turn to online resources to search for the answers.

Once it’s determined that the pain could be a result of varicose veins or vascular issues, the next question that is usually asked is:

How do I find a Varicose Vein or Vascular Specialist Near Me?

Ask Your Primary Care Provider

Majority of Primary Care Providers work with a network of specialists that they refer their patients to.  If your PCP informs you that your pain is a result of vascular issues, they should be able to give you contact information for a Vascular Specialist in your area that they trust.  Many providers will assist with sending the appropriate paperwork, ultrasound or lab results, and notes from your office visit so the vein center or clinic will be fully informed on your issues.  If it is determined that you require vascular surgery, your PCP office can be a great resource.

Turn to Your Insurance Carrier

Most insurance companies have resources available to help you find a specialist.  When you select a plan through your place of employment or other methods, the insurance carrier should provide a packet or booklet of information with instructions on locating a specialist that is in network with your benefits.  The majority of insurance companies should also have online directories that you can use locate a specialist near you.  This method also ensures that you are visiting a specialist that is in network with your benefits so you won’t get any financial surprises after booking the appointment.


Online Searches

The way we search for services has changed a great deal in recent times.  Although many still use the tried and true print form of Yellow Pages (or similar directories), data shows that more and more people are turning to the internet to locate service providers ranging from home cleaning, child care, and even healthcare providers.  A good number of resources exist online to read patient reviews, verify credentials, and learn more information on the health issues they treat.  Many providers offer convenient features like online appointment booking that allow for more flexibility and convenience to their patients.  If you find a vein specialist in this manner, be sure to confirm that they accept your insurance and are at the location listed on their website before making an appointment.  Many practices don’t update their website frequently and may have outdated information.

All of these methods are effective ways to seek out a vein specialist that can offer solutions for your leg pain.  However, it’s important to note that like all services, every physician and office has different credentials and methods of doing business that need to be researched in advance to ensure you receive the best care possible.

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